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Why is a great logo design important for your Las Vegas business?

Logos are one of those things that seem simple, but are so much more complex when you go beneath the surface. It takes a true understanding of a company to design the right design. Logo design in Las Vegas typically isn’t cheap, and many business owners wonder if paying top dollar for a logo is even worth it. It is, as there are several reasons a logo will be important for your business.

A Well-Designed Logo Makes the First Impression

Your design will likely be the first or one of the first things related to your Las Vegas business that potential clients see. They’ll form their initial impression of your organization from what it looks like, and in some cases, whether someone decides to learn more about your company will come down to its designs.

A Logo Shows Customers What Your Brand Is Like

The way a logo is designed communicates quite a bit about what your business is like and what it values. Take the Coca-Cola logo as an example. It’s one of the most popular logos of all time, even though all it consists of is the name and a circular background. But the font used has an old-school style, and this combines with the bright red color to give it a fun, classic image.

A good presentation will give your prospects an idea of what to expect with your business. It could have a relaxed style or be more professional. It could show that your organization focuses on entertainment or education. A logo can say more about your company than you might think.

Customers Will Associate Your Logo With Your Business

This is the reason why it’s so important that you get a high-quality logo from the beginning – once your business has a logo, customers will automatically associate that image with your business. You don’t want a poorly designed logo to become the face of your company.

It’s much easier for people to remember something visual in relation to your company. A good logo is perfect for staying in your customers’ heads, and it will make your business more memorable.

A Logo Is The Foundation Of Your Branding Efforts

There’s more to branding than just your logo, but a logo is typically where you would start. To present a consistent brand image, the colors, tone and style of your logo will also be what you use in future marketing materials. The right design will serve as an excellent foundation for your marketing campaigns.

Considering all the benefits of a good reputation and how closely it will be associated with your business, it’s smart to invest in a high-quality logo from the beginning. The right logo can be a key part of your business for decades.

4 Logo Design Tips To Create A Memorable Design

A logo is an important part of your company’s branding. Even though they can be intimidating to design, logos are the cornerstone of a business’s reputation. Your branding should communicate what your business is all about and what it does. Keep in mind, your brand will grace everything from business cards to marketing materials, social posts, and even presentation decks. At times it may feel like you’re doing a ton of heavy lifting for a small graphic.

What should a good logo be?

What do the logos of Nike, Apple Inc., FedEx, and Mercedes have in common? The following:

–         They’re timeless!

–         They’re eye-catching.

–         They’re memorable.

–         They look good whether small or large.

–         It resonates with the brand’s vibe.

What’s a brand vibe? It’s the feelings that people have towards your brand. Sometimes called brand personality, your brand vibe should maintain consistency across content, logo, visuals, etc.

Without further delays, here are four stellar logo design tips to help you create an impactful graphic design:

1. Color Matters

Color choices help set the tone and mood for your brand’s personality. Bold and bright colors are great at grabbing attention, but too much boldness will feel brash. Muted color shades feel sophisticated but are easily overlooked. Every color carries with it an unspoken implication. The last thing you want to do is convey the wrong message. Did you know there’s actual science behind color?

–         Red- bold and energetic

–         Yellow- optimism and sunny

–         Blue- professional, trustworthy

–         Orange- friendly and youthful

–         Green- growth

–         Black- powerful

–         Brown- historical and steady

2. Instill Activity

Have you ever considered adding motion or a sense of activity into your logo design? Even though this isn’t always the best choice, i.e. Apple Inc., adding a concept of movement gives it a significant boost. For example, consider Twitter. When Twitter was first launched, its logo (the bluebird) was perched on a tree branch. Today can be seen flying upwards. Motion conveys the feeling of activity. It can be applied to a range of objects. It instills a sense of doing or accomplishing.

3. Opt For Custom Type

A custom typeface is loved by everyone. It gives your logo a unique touch Custom lettering doesn’t mean picking a typeface. You’re going to need to design a typeface yourself.

A custom typeface enables your logo to stay exclusive. Some designers will try to steal your design, especially if they figure out which typeface you’ve used. Be especially careful with copying of business cards. However, it takes tremendous skill to copy a hand-drawn typeface. Which famous brand springs to your mind who used a memorable custom type? Always Coca Cola!

4. K. I. S.S.

Always keep it simple stupid!

Always keep your logo design simple. This will infuse throughout your business and will quickly become the most remembered icons of all time. Take a look at the following examples

–         Coca Cola

–         Nike

–         Twitter

Let’s consider what makes the Apple logo unforgettable. The shape of an apple is nothing special. It’s that piece of apple that’s missing that takes this logo to the next level. It gives meaning. If there was no bite, the apple image would be boring. The bite mark in the apple is truly iconic.

A logo is more than a pretty symbol. It’s your brand’s personality. How do you want people to remember you? Our simple logo design Las Vegas services will help you create a fantastic graphic design results.

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