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Updated July 27th, 2020.

SEO for Las Vegas Businesses

SEO Las Vegas - Search Engine Optimization for Southern Nevada
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving a website’s rankings in search engines like Google. SEO should not be frowned upon, as it is a natural part of any internet marketing plan. It involves providing valuable content and information for website visitors, which in turn increases user engagement and rankings in search engine results.

Thousands of business owners, just like you, help fuel the Southern Nevada economy. As a world wide tourist destination, The City of Las Vegas, is known for its gambling and resort style businesses, but there is so much more then just entertainment, nightlife, and amazing restaurants in The Entertainment Capital of the World. We love helping small business owners just like you grow your profits. Our clients have services throughout The Las Vegas Valley, so don’t worry if you are in Downtown Las Vegas, on The Strip, in Henderson or in Boulder City, we’d love to work with you!

For more info on Search Engine Optimization in Las Vegas, Nevada, contact Website Tigers.

Here’s a great video on picking an SEO company, straight from Google themselves:

Wait, optimizing for Google isn’t just keyword stuffing, exact match anchor text backlinks, or some other outdated marketing strategy that will get you penalized! You need to offer relevant, and optimized content for your site visitors. After all, why would Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine rank your company’s website if you don’t provide information that users actually want to read about? You need to answer the question users are typing into the search bar.

Keys to success with organic search engine marketing:

  • Get a recognized SEO consultant who has a successful track record!
  • Give your potential clients access to key facts, statistics, or other metrics about why your business is the best. This will increase on-page time of site visitors and increase conversion rates.
  • Create such valuable content that people have no choice but to share it on social media sites like: Facebook & Pinterest. This will increase user engagement and total traffic going to your website. Even though it might not directly help with search results, it will still increase revenue…
  • REVENUE is your goal! Right? Then forget about how much traffic you get, all that matters is that you generate more dollars in your bank account then from what you spend on advertising. Think of it as an ‘input’ not an ‘expense’; every marketing dollar you spend should increase revenue by a multiple.
  • Increase click through rates for your existing results. This shows that your site relates to what people searched for in the first place. Better descriptive and title text both increase conversions and help you get more business leads. Did you know that we were one of the top lead generation companies featured on
  • One of the most important tools you can use in order to build a powerful Las Vegas business website, is to put your time and effort into creating effective ad copy and layouts. If people like what they see, and are convinced that you will provide what you are offering, then they will buy just about anything. After all, increasing rankings is only one factor in your ultimate goal: increasing total business sales.

Why should you care where your business ranks on Google?

To be honest, you should be ranking for your key search terms, because:

If you aren’t ranking for your brand, when someone searches: “your business name in Las Vegas” are you showing up? I hope so! Otherwise, what does this say about your business?

If you sell life insurance are you showing up for “Life Insurance in Las Vegas”? Balsiger Insurance is currently ranked 1st for this keyword out of 46 million results. Why are they ranked 1st, in front of all the other agents? Because they worked with Website Tigers. They also have an exclusive contract so we guarantee that we won’t work with any other companies that sell what they sell so long as they are paying the monthly bill.

How does pricing work for SEO?

We deposit money into your bank account. Okay, not literally. But we do put your business high up in Google search. This gives you more clicks to your website, and if your services are marketed properly, then you will convert those website visitors into paying customers.

Paying a Las Vegas SEO consultant shouldn’t simply be another business expense that doesn’t bring you increased revenues! Website Tigers will work with you to get your business on page 1 for your keywords. All you need to do is pay us a monthly fee for getting your website on page 1 and staying there.

The exact dollar amount varies depending on your industry, number of competitors, website age, and difficulty ranking for your desired keywords. We are ready to sit down and consult with you to find the right keywords and the right pricing to increase your profit!

What is the search engine ranking process?

  1. Fill out the form above
  2. We will contact you ASAP
  3. FREE consultation, where we will determine your profitable keywords and offer you first page rankings for a monthly fee
  4. Give us around 3-6 months (timing depends on a few factors) and you will see your website on page 1 of Google

Website Tigers is your go to SEO company in Las Vegas, NV  fill out the form above for a personalized business proposal. We will get your company ranking on the first page for your optimal keywords.

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SEO for startups in under 10 minutes


Search Engine Optimization:The ultimate marketing tool

Your business website is popular only if it enjoys increased visibility in search results. The website appearing more frequently in the list of search results will attract more visitors from the search engine’s users. Additionally, SEO is the best Internet marketing strategy for many businesses.

Las Vegas search engine optimization begins with a thorough study about the specific keywords typed by you targeted audience. What do your prospects type on Google to find your services?

SEO Revamp?

If you have website that isn’t showing up in search engines, then you will need an analysis and and upgrade. Upgrading a website involves coding procedures to increase the relevance of specific keywords and remove all blockages to indexing activities of the search engines.

And then, site promotion by the best Las Vegas SEO consultant: Website Tigers, focuses on increasing inbound links- which shows Google that you are an important resource.

-Website Tigers is a unique marketing company located in the Las Vegas & Henderson, NV area.  We only take on a few new clients every month, so get in touch with us ASAP and we will determine if we should work together. If we are busy, you can also reach out to Anchored SEO to learn more about their Las Vegas SEO services.

Techniques for SEO-friendly websites

A user-friendly website is optimized with keywords that help increase visibility in the search engines. Many techniques should be focused on to develop highly optimized and ranking websites; some of them are listed below:

  • Crawling: A helpful tool to create target pages that can be easily navigated.
  • Indexing:  The search engine data is collected and stored to provide better results for search queries.
  • Ranking: The status of your website’s popularity can be ascertained by the amount of traffic attracted by your page. The actual number of landing pages determines your page’s total ranking possibilities.
  • Prominence: Cross-linking pages of the same website improves visibility on Google.

Important things to consider for Las Vegas SEO marketing

  1. The needs of the target audience have to be analyzed and relevant content should be posted on the website. (This is important and necessary!)
  2. The current organic search engine visibility of your website should be studied thoroughly to get an idea about the required keywords.
  3. Many SEO experts are developing good- quality webpages.  Competitive analysis will yield better results compared to just guessing and making things up.
  4. Websites should be compatible to access on a smart phone or a mobile device.
  5. HTML markup helps easily find and understand the page content.
  6. Zip compression reduces downloading size of resources offered by the website.
  7. Avoid too many ads as it appears as spam.
  8. The blog should offer relevant and useful advice or information.
  9. A good quality website will increase time on site, increase unique page visit count, decrease exit rate etc.
  10. Blogs should exhibit freshness, relevance and be updated regularly.
  11. Avoid suspicious links and a Link Detox report should be undergone when necessary.
  12. Build backlinks to your website.
  13. Alternative forms of media should be used to promote content both on and off the site through Youtube, press releases etc.
  14. Dividing the page into sub-categories allows readers to view the content properly.
  15. HTTPS is viewed positively in 2016, and it is here to stay.

Need some help evaluating your existing website and SEO rankings? Contact Website Tigers here for a thorough review and we will determine whether or not we should work together.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

  • On-page optimization: Factors affecting your website are listed in search results. These can be controlled by changing the codes of your page. Examples are inclusion of HTML codes, keyword density, meta tags and keyword placement.
  • Off-page optimization: Factors affecting the website that cannot be controlled by the SEO developer. Examples include link popularity and page rank.
  • White Hat & Black Hat SEO: White Hat SEO uses methods to improve the rankings of a website on search engines by following proper guidelines. HTML optimization, link acquisitions are some of the methods used. Black Hat SEO exploits the loopholes of search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings and should be avoided at all costs. Techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking and link spam are used in black hat SEO and should always be avoided!

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