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ARIZONA – ‘The Grand Canyon State’

The state derives its name from Spanish word ‘Arizonac’ meaning ‘small spring’. Arizona offers tourists the thrill and excitement of road trips, travel adventures, wonderful resorts and authentic local cuisine.


The sixth largest state area-wise is located in the Southwestern part of United States neighbored by New Mexico and Nevada.  The desert climate is well accompanied by the presence of mountains and plateaus in abundance. The region experiences hot summers and mild winters. The temperate forests cover around 27% of the area, with the northern half comprising of pine, Douglas fir and spruce trees.


1539 – A Spanish explorer Marcos de Niza travelled some parts of the state and interacted with the Native Americans.

1540 – 1542 Coronado, another Spanish explorer came in search of Cibola.

1690 – Father Kino, a member of the Society of Jesus, came to Arizona in order to develop a chain of missions and converted many Indians to Christianity.

1752 – Fortified towns identified at Tubac by the Spanish.

1775 – Spanish explorers discovered fortified towns at Tucson.

1862 – Recognized as Confederate Territory

February 24, 1863 – The western half of New Mexico Territory was named new Arizona Territory.

1912 – Arizona declared an independent US state.


  1. The capital city of the state is Phoenix.
  2. The population consists of Hispanic, Native American and non-Hispanic whites.
  3. Mexican, German, Irish, English and Italian are the major languages spoken.


The state of Arizona comprises of an economic larger than Finland, Ireland and New Zealand. Transportation, health sector and the government are the major contributors to the state’s economy. In the past, cotton, citrus, copper, cattle and tourism contributed majorly. Copper accounts for two-thirds of the present economy.

Must See

Grand Canyon

The amazing landscape, carved by the Colarado River, stands out as the biggest tourist attraction in Arizona. The South Rim gives visitors numerous lookout areas to see the canyon from various angles. A smooth walkway runs along the edge of the canyon. The North Rim is closed in winter.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

The wonderful Wild West landscape between Arizona and Utah covers jagged rock formations, sand dunes and buttes.

Hoover Dam

One of the world’s greatest engineering wonders, completed in 1935, crosses the Colorado River bridging Nevada and Arizona.


Adjacent to a mountainside, it is an old mining town which later became a tourist attraction.

Havasu Falls

The 100-foot Havasu falls is located near Supai. The canyon of Havasu creek has been inhabited by some 450 Havasupai Indians.


This former mining town is placed high in the mountains near Mexico border.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Locals and tourists will enjoy water based activities and also get an opportunity to view stunning desert landscapes, stone walls etc.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

The 177-mile area on Colorado River includes Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. Water sports, boating, camping facilities and hiking opportunities are available. Lake Mohave, 67-mile long is an artificial lake held by Davis Dam.

Sonoran Desert

One of America’s most diverse desert ecosystems, Sonoran desert spans the majority of Southern Arizona.


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